Nirvana Spa Activities  | Hotel La Buena Vibra | Tepoztlán Morelos, México



Our Master Yogi has been certified in different countries and with 8 trips to India she has been able to perfect her Ashtanga yoga technique...

A technique that denotes power through the body by getting to know what we can achieve with our body while learning postures and breathing techniques. It is important to verify that our Master Yogi is available.

Price: Price: $200.00 per person, group session.


A Temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. It is used as part of a curative ceremony thought to purify the body and spirit. You enter the womb of mother earth to work on the four elements of earth, air, fire and water to come out reborn again, leaving behind negative energy.

Price: Group (p/person) $790.00 / Private (1 to 3 people)


Our gym is available for our guests so they can exercise when they feel like doing so. It is very cozy, so guests feel welcome and comfortable using the facilities.

It is equipped with treadmills, static bicycles and many more. If you would like to receive assistance this can be arranged and one of our certified instructors will help you.

Price: Price: (Visitors) $150.00 per person


Temple Hike (2.5-3hrs): this hike takes place on the famous Tepozteco mountain where you will hike up to an ancient Aztec temple. This is a traditional activity for the town and you will learn about its history from your guide as well as shown some deviations from the upward trek.

Mystical Hike (2.5-4hrs): this hike takes place around the mountains close to the hotel, known as "Achichipico", which means "mountain of the drops of water, making reference to its numerous waterfalls seen during the rain season. It is also known as the "mountain of the blessed" in accordance with a legend that claims there are ancient writings throughout the mountains and those who can decipher them and see where they point to, will find a great treasure.

On these hikes you will be lead by knowledgable guides who are very familiar with the many trails of the mountains and can speak to their many tales. You will come across breathtaking views while enjoying the exercise.

Price: Price: (4 people) $550.00 by person

Fire Ceremony

This is a ceremony where you do a circle around a bonfire to cleanse and unblock the energy channels... You breathe and meditate in front of the fire helping to purify and clean your emotional state.

For this activity there must be a minimum of at least 6 people. Subject to availability.

Price: Price: $480.00 per person


During the session people are guided to a relaxation state that allows them to empty their mind and relax their body in order to reflect and refocus...

On what they desire, at the same time, the feeling of wellbeing revitalizes the participants.

Price: Price: $150.00 per person

Horse Riding

Horse ride on the outskirts of Tepoztlan where you can disconnect and be one with your horse and nature.

We recommend you have some experience with horses for this.

Price: Price: (min. 2 people) $800.00 by person


An involving experience whereby you work with tamborines to produce sounds and rythms, helping groups to work on communication through an entertaining mean.

Through the tamborines, you touch the rhythm of the heart.

For this activity there must be a minimum of at least 6 people. Subject to availability.

Price: Price: $550.00 per person

Cooking Class

In this activity, the participants will learn techniques that will allow them to cook attractive and commercial plates. All materials and ingredients are provided

Their senses will be put to the test through tasting contests. They will prepare their own dessert and beverage. All the techniques learned keep our fusion approach to food at its core.

For this activity there must be a minimum of at least 6 people. Subject to availability.

Price: Price: $380.00 per person