Nirvana Spa Menu and Services  | Hotel La Buena Vibra | Tepoztlán Morelos, México

Spa Menu and Services

The Spa provides our guests with their own individual haven and personalized attention. The offerings incorporate a wide array of professional services and treatments including a comprehensive menu of locally enhanced facials and massages


This massage helps to balance the nervous and muscular systems. The pressure applied is soft with long slow movements. This therapy relaxes body and spirit.


This massage concentrates on the areas from the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It is very relaxing and beneficial for your general health. It has an Ayurvedic medicine technique and consists of pressure, percussions and friction on the head, neck, shoulders and face. It is also indicated for people suffering from anxiety and insomnia. It activates the circulation in the scalp and acts favorably on the nervous system.


This foot massage begins by immersing your feet in warm water. It acts on a physical and energetic level, works deep connective tissue to unlock the energy channels through pressure points on the feet. This therapy is recommended for people who have tired feet. It is deep and you can feel pain if there are blocked energy channels.


This massage is ideal if you enjoy or would benet from a deep tissue massage. This treatment concentrates on deep muscle pressure that stimulates blood circulation. As a result of which you will feel energized and revitalized.


Essential oils are used for this treatment which are absorbed through the skin and through inhaling them. Therefore enhancing your mental and emotional wellbeing. The pressure is soft. You can select between three combinations of essential oils: to relax, to energize, and to cleanse.


This special and unique therapy was created by La Buena Vibra to capture the energy of the mountains of Tepoztlán and transfer it through a combination of three incredible therapies: Swedish, Thai, and Craneo Cervico Facial. Swedish helps relieve muscular tension and stimulates blood circulation. Thai works on the muscles and lines of energy, helping to unblock the energetic channels. Craneo Cervico Facial Ayuverda therapy gives special attention to upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.


In this therapy a combination of techniques with variable pressures are applied throughout the body, helping to firm the skin and improve blood circulation. This massage is specially designed to leave you feeling completely renewed of your body, mind, and spirit.


Massage created in La Buena Vibra, to help detoxify the body in a manual form with slow and circular movements to help drain the lymphatic system, improving the general health status. Excellent for purifying toxins and also helping us to strengthen the immune system.


his therapy stimulates your immune system. The treatment includes the use of stones which have been heated slowly and will absorb and cure any tension in your muscles. This massage will help clear your energy pathways. It is extremely relaxing and healing.


This type of massage uses mid endolymphatic and relaxing pressure, with movements synchronized with Ayurveda, Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage. Ayurveda: comes from a Hindu tradition and its function is the natural balance of things. One of the fundamental practices of Ayurveda is the method of Sadna (it is the way to distribute the oil throughout the body in an orderly and enveloping way).

This specific blend in the body is able to restore the balance that has been lost. Acupressure: is a healing technique that comes from China based on the same principles of acupuncture. Thanks to the pressure made with the fingers on specific points of the body, the body muscles are stimulated by working the organs. Lymphatic Drainage: technique indicated to remove toxins from the body and thus stimulate the immune system.


This treatment consists of a facial cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction of impurities and a facial mask for your type of skin. It is followed by a massage on the face, scalp, neck and shoulders that will leave you completely relaxed and hydrated


This facial treatment is ideal for tired and matured skin. Excellent before a special occasion. It includes a nourishing serum for your type of skin.


This facial treatment includes ingredients to hydrate deeply your skin while revitalizing and regenerating it. Initially you receive a basic facial and a special mask containing organic products while a hand exfoliation and massage is given, leaving your face and hands smooth and relaxed.


Using special equipment the death cells are removed, leaving your skin free from impurities. For this treatment organic products are used based on your type of skin, a collagen mask is applied that will leave your skin nourished and moisturized.


This treatment is ideal for dry and mature skin, specially designed creams, oils and masks are applied, making your skin look younger and hydrated while helping eliminate lines of expression. This treatment includes a relaxing massage on your face, shoulders and scalp; helping you to feel younger. It is ideal for men and women.


Protects your skin against the attack of free radicals and oxidation. It guarantees a regenerating action on the skin. It also prevents premature aging. This facial is ideal all year round.

Body Treatments

This body treatment consists of an exfoliation designed for your speci¬fic skin type, using mineral crystals that will free your body of dead cells. This will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. This treatment fi¬nishes with a light massage using a moisturizing cream.


This is an excellent treatment to strengthen, detoxify and hydrate the skin. The treatment starts with a crystal scrub to eliminate dead cells and smooth the skin, followed by a body wrap using a warm blanket to seal the treatment. Meanwhile you can relax and enjoy a soothing massage to your scalp.


This treatment leaves the skin feeling silky, smooth, pure and hydrated. A deep full body exfoliation precedes a relaxing and luxuriant bathing in a bath tub treated with minerals. This is followed by the application of a selection of natural products. A warm blanket is used to seal the treatment and concludes with a nourishing and relaxing massage.

Vitality Pool

Wet circuit consisting of using the Sauna, pressure showers, cold water tank and saltwater pool. The sauna helps to eliminate toxins and also helps us to stimulate the renewal of the skin and its acidic mantle. It is dilation vessel: the muscle fibers dilate. The cold water tank is a constriction vessel, the muscle fibers are contracted. It helps us exercise the blood vessels by improving tissue irrigation. Cold water pressure showers trigger the immune system, blood circulation and lymphatic system. It stimulates the functioning of organs.

We have some packages that include the use of our Vitality Pool. Our Spa staff will be able to provide you more information.


With this intestinal cleanse you can eliminate putrefactive matter adhered to the walls of the large intestine. It helps improve moodiness, excessive nervousness, improves liver function, digestive biliary, helps eliminate acne, delays the appearance of wrinkles and improves health. We have some packages that include the Colon Hydrotherapy. Our Spa staff will be able to provide you more information.

Holistic and Healing Therapies

This treatment is based on the concept of vital and universal energy and the possibility that a healer has of transmitting energy from one person to another. This therapy will leave you feeling relaxed and will improve your bodies energy flow.


It is based on the practice of connected or circular breathing sessions. We learn to breathe as much energy as air. Rebirthing also works with spiritual psychology or creative thinking and spiritual purification with air, water, fire, earth.


The Temazcal is an ancient tradition, a prehispanic steam room. The Temazcal represents the womb of our Mother Earth and inside it you work with four elements: earth, water, air, and ¬fire to purify and to harmonize mind, body and spirit. Here we give thanks to Mother Earth for everything she has given us and ask her to help us free ourselves of all the negative energies that inhibit our wellbeing. As soon as the ceremony starts a cleansing of the body is undertaken with copal and other herbs. Then we enter the temazcal and sit ourselves in a circle, where we begin to sweat with the steam that is generated from herbal tea that is poured over red hot volcanic rocks. The temazcal is one of the best forms of regenerating the body and clarify the mind, leaving you radiant, healthy, and high in your spirit.


During the session people are guided to a relaxation state that allows them to empty their mind and relax their body in order to reflect and refocus.

FIRE CEREMONY (0:45 HR Minimum 4 pax)

This is a ceremony where you do a circle around a bonfire to cleanse and unblock the energy channels. You breathe and meditate in front of the fire helping to purify and clean your emotional state.

TAMBORAMA (1:45 HRS Minimum 4 pax)

An involving experience whereby you work with tamborines to produce sounds and rythms, helping groups to work on communication through an entertaining mean. Through the tamborines, you touch the rhythm of the heart.

HIKE (2:00 HRS. Minimum 4 pax)

Recreational activity on the mountains of Tepoztlan, accompanied by a professional guide. On these hikes you will be led by knowledgeable guides who are very familiar with the many trails of the mountains and can speak to their many tales. You will come across breathtaking views while enjoying the exercise.

HORSE RIDING (2:30 HRS. Minimum 4 pax)

Horse ride on the outskirts of Tepoztlan where you can disconnect and be one with your horse and nature. We recommend you have some experience with horses for this.